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The MINI-LISTY Real Estate Marketing System is a revolutionary system geared to captured the tech savy consumer into your lead pool.  More and more consumers own smartphones and other mobile devices.  They use them to search for everything from where to eat to where to live.  And in choosing where to live buyers tend to drive the neighborhoods they like to see what properties are available.  Its then that they call a realtor to start their search.  Usually one from the sign on whichever property caught their eye.  So how do you get more signs in more yards?  Or how do you get buyers to call you from one of your ads that they may have seen?

See a demo MINI-LISTY website here:

Well the MINI-LISTY Real Estate Marketing System will help you with both of these questions.  First off let me tell you how this system will help you get more signs in the yard.  When you go on a listing appointment you need to outshine your competition.  Or just lower your commission. And you know what that means; the lower the commission the lower the priority on agent's showings list.  In order to keep the full commission and still wow the potential lister you show them this system.  All you have to do is plug in their property info and pictures to get them up and going.  Actually you give us the listing and pictures and we do the rest.  But the client sees a professional listing website showing their listing.  The client will see a professionally designed custom flyer for their listing with QR code imprinted on it.  Allowing for easy access to the listing website.  The agent gets a printed QR code that can be incorporated in any print ads to direct traffic to the listing website.  

Secondly as mentioned above you can use the QR codes in print ads.  So this is how you get calls from ads in newspapers and magazines such as Homes&Lifestyles.  Most ads either use basic layouts of just text or maybe one picture with some text.  I have seen pictures of homes and businesses as well as agents in print ads.  But what if you used the QR code as the image and included a line in the ad telling people to scan the code to see the listing on their smartphone or mobile device.  So if you don't have any listings at this time maybe you can borrow a listing from a coworker.  This especially works for newer agents.  Using the custom flyer for open houses will attract attention from those attending the open house as well as the homeowner.  Plus it gives you the marketing strategy you need for those listing appointments that still make you nervous.

Well after hearing all that I'm sure you are excited and ready to get your own but let me tell you how you will benefit from this.  Aside from the obvious of making you the realtor with a marketing strategy for 2013, you will gather more leads and achieve more double-sided closings.  It will equip you with a marketing plan for any listing presentation you go on.  You will also have something that no other realtor is offering them.  Some realtors already websites of their own in addition to corporate website presence.   But this is a single use mobile listing website created specifically to fit this type of marketing system.  The MINI-LISTY system includes one single use mobile listing website, one custom QR Code and one custom flyer generated from mls listing details.  You get all this for $97.  The VIDEO MINI-LISTY is $117.  The website will remain active until the listing is sold or website is cancelled.  

See a demo here:

So grab a listing and get your MINI-LISTY Real Estate Marketing System set up today.  Contact us using one of the methods below.  To order your system online follow instructions below.

There are two ways you can order.  The first one is for smartphone and mobile device users who have a bar code scanner on their device.  The second way is for all others.  

Method 1 - Mobile Device Users With Bar Code Scanner

Step 1:  Scan QR Code  and Make Payment     mini-listy $97 one time fee $97 Mini-Listy     or   $117 Video Mini Listy  $117 Video Mini-Listy
Step 2:  Record transaction number
Step 3:  Email transaction number from Paypal, a copy of listing (or listing # from and your contact information.  If you are doing a video listy please include the video or a link to video if hosted on another site such as Youtube or Vimeo.  

Method 2 - General Ordering

Step 1:  Go to and send payment to "" for the system you want.  $97 for Mini-Listy or $117 for Video Mini-Listy.
Step 2:  Record transaction number
Step 3:  
Email transaction number from Paypal, a copy of listing (or listing # from and your contact information.  If you are doing a video listy please include the video or a link to video if hosted on another site such as Youtube or Vimeo.

Your Mini-Listy will be created and hosted within 48-72 hours.  You will then receive an email or text message alerting you that your Mini-Listy is online.  You will also receive an email with the link to your Mini-Listy website, a fully custom flyer and the QR Code for the Mini-Listy website that you can use in other advertisements.  Your Mini-Listy website will stay online until the property is sold or the listing is no longer valid (cancelled, expired, etc...).  

So order your Mini-Listy website today!  For more information on the Mini-Listy System or any of our other services contact us by phone or email using details below.
Common Cents Consulting LLC
(219) 228-1372 or (219) 440-2284
Common Cents Consulting LLC (219)228-1372

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